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Villa Santai Bali

Rates start at € 895,- per week

Absolutely beachfront

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Would you like to experience the real Balinese atmosphere during your holidays? If so, this modern luxury villa with large garden and beautiful pool might be the ultimate choice!

The villa has been built with a mix of modern and traditional materials. Downstairs the villa is completely open, with exception of the bedrooms, so you can experience the wellness of outside living in the tropics.

The living and one of the bedrooms are completely built with materials of an original Sumatran house.

Because all natural materials are used, such as hardwood, teak and natural stones for the floors and in the bathrooms, the villa breathes the real Balinese atmosphere.

Villa Santai has been set up very spacious and has a large tropical garden (1600m²) which borders the beach. The garden has been designed beautifully with coconut- and mango trees and many exotic flowers and plants.

The villa has a beautiful natural shaped private pool with and adjoining waterfall. The pool is surrounded by a large terrace with sun beds and parasols and an original antique Javanese bathhouse annex massage space where you can indulge in relaxing.

The villa has four beautifully furnitured bedrooms, each with a double bed and air conditioning and four bathrooms each with toilet, wash basins and shower. The villa also has a family room with TV/DVD and an sleeping couch for 2 people. All rooms are on the ground floor, with the exception of a large bedrooms at the first floor, which has a balcony with stunning views over the garden, the beach and the Bali Sea.

The villa has a beautifully furnitured living with a sitting corner and dining corner and a large open kitchen which is equipped with all modern kitchen equipment. Because the front of the ground floor is completely open, the living, the terrace, the garden and the pool actually form one large unit.

The villa is equipped with all luxuries such as free internet (wifi), satellite TV, DVD-player and a small library, CD’s and DVD’s. Furthermore the friendly staff is at your service 6 days per week to see to it that you will have an unforgettable holiday.

A particular characteristic of the villa is the roof terrace with a large Bale Benong, the ideal place to relax with a good book or a cool drink. From this terrace you'll have a stunning view, at the front it overlooks the pool, the tropical garden and the Bali Sea, at the back you'll have a panorama of rice fields, vineyards and at the horizon the mountains that surround the twin lakes Buyan and Tambligan.

The villa is located at private grounds on the terrain of villa park Batu-Batu. You may use the facilities of the villa park among others the large tropical garden, the Batu-Batu Spa and a large wooden boat (which lies on the beach) at which you can enjoy the sunset while sipping a cocktail.

The spacious set-up of the park guarantees absolute privacy.

Guests of Villa Santai will receive a welcome massage at the Spa.

Particularities: you will enjoy 'living outside' and the spacious beautiful garden that borders the sandy beach. Villa Santai is located absolutely beachfront next to Villa Bundar, which makes it extremely suitable for large parties to rent both villa's together.


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